What is the difference between React JS and React Native?

What is the difference between React JS and React Native?

What is the difference Between React JS and React Native?


Today, there is a demand of both React JS and React Native among the developers. So, every time a question arises that what is the main difference between React JS and React Native?  So, in this article we can clear all your doubts regarding the both.


1. React JS

  • React JS is a primarily JavaScript library which is mainly used for building web applications and User Interfaces and provides support to both front & back end web which is being run on the server.
  • It was initially developed by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook, which mainly centralize on visualization.


2. React Native

  • React Native is mainly a framework of native libraries for creating mobile applications.  It is like React JS in a way, but there are differences also.
  • It develops Android App and Native iOS.


 Main Difference between React JS and React Native.

Components React JS React Native
Basis React JS in a JavaScript React Native is a framework.
Creation Creates User-interface for large web applications. Creates Mobile Applications.
Features Rely on JavaScript libraries and CSS It has inbuild features, so that the output is better.
Navigation Uses React-router for Navigation. Uses entirely different Navigator.
Animation Uses CSS components. Uses animated API’s.
Compatibility Use only a single piece of code. Compatible with all the platforms.
Time & Effort Takes less time and effort Takes more time and effort.
Dependency Does require a Third-party Library Tools Does not require a Third-Party Library Tools


Advantages and Disadvantages of React JS and React Native

Components React JS React Native


·         Virtual DOM (HTML, XHTML, XML formats) makes the developer’s work faster and creates a better experience for the user.

·         Saves time.

·         One direction data flow gives a stable code.

·         A Facebook Library.

·         Wide Redux and React Toolset.

·         Uses JavaScript- a fast and popular programming language.

·         Improves performance through Native controls and Native Modules.

·         Contains all features of React JS and aims at improving UI.




·         Documentation is poor.

·         SEO hassle

·         JSX is a barrier due to its complexity.

·         High pace of development.


·         Documentation is poor.

·         Needed improvement in native modules.

·         Limited Third-Party components.

·         Errors, incompatibility and instability.


To sum it up, I would say React JS, is a framework to build applications using JavaScript, while React Native is an entire platform to build cross-platform mobile apps. So, React JS is ideal for building high performing, dynamic, UI for your web interfaces, while React Native gives your mobile apps a native look.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]