Top 20 How Tos FAQs in Shopify

Top 20 How Tos FAQs in Shopify

Top 20 Important How To Questions and Answers about Shopify:

  1. How to sell Shopify store products on Facebook?

Ans. Everyone build their website, eCommerce store but does not make any sales.

You find the way to make sales. But during experiment in marketing you make a lot of mistakes. Making mistake is not bad but doing same mistake again and again is bad. 

So, during your experiment you choose Google Adwords, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Most popular and cheaper way to do marketing “Facebook Marketing“.

Before starting Facebook Marketing. You should ensure few things as follows:

1. Successful running website on Desktop, Mobile and Tablets.
2. User friendly website architecture.
3. Products with good description, good quality images, complete information and prices.
4. Payment Gateway Integration
5. Checkout page working well with shipping information, discount code redeem option etc.
6. Customer Login and Registration Page working well.
7. Your Facebook page with correct info and connected with website.
8. FB Pixel code integration with Shopify store.
9. Facebook Business Manager Account.
10. Facebook Ads with proper description with images and proper call to action.
11. Your landing page or product page URL to be connected with fb ads.

2. How to sell products on Instagram?

Ans.: Everyone is looking for a cheaper and fast sales. After Facebook Instagram is on boom for giving you sales quickly and in affordable prices.

Spending very quick time and money you can make sales. Only you need right strategy.

You can start selling on Instagram paying to Instagram as well as without spending a penny.

First of all, I am going to tell you how to make sales free of cost because a lot of my friends are trying to find some ideas which is free for making sales. So lets have a look as follows:

#       Create your stunning Instagram profile
#       Make your profile pic nice and complete profile with brief description and website urls in detail about your products.
#        Start adding hot and sexy images of your products and services.
#        Keep liking, commenting on other profile and images so they will notice your profile and and products images.
#        Try to earn followers as fast as possible but be aware with fake mas follower giver. All are bot. They will say that in 24 hrs they will give 1 Lakhs followers all are fake don’t trust them.
#        Once you got followers keep sending messages gradually not bulk messages.
#         Post video and live streaming videos if possible
#         Embed Instagram feed to your website and connect with facebook and website.

So , above I tried to give you some free tips. Try to use that and apply with your business and don’t forget to give your feedback. I am sure you will get benefit with that.

Now I am going to give you some tips how you can do instagram marketing and make sales paying some bucks.

3. How to Start Shopify Store in less than 14 Minutes?

Yes you can start shopify store within 14 min. Let me explain one by one

    1. Open Shopify official site:
    2. Register with your email id
    3. Login
    4. It will give you a first demo theme where you can manage everything
    5. From Sidebar go to Store Theme
    6. Click on Customize.
    7. From customization section you can upload your logo, sliders, and change colors of menu etc as per your need.
    8. Then you have to add some collections from sidebar.
    9. Got to product section and add products with Title, Description, Image and attribute like colors and size. And save the products
    10. After adding products you need to go setting option. Add your payment method.
    11. And from domain section you can link your domain. Don’t forget to add shopify A record to your domain to link.
    12. Now your store is ready to do business. If you want any help you can hire any shopify experts
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